San Lorenzo Kids

In 1991, San Lorenzo was established in Lima, Peru. As a small sewing shop,
the company started off with the production of clothing and swimwear. A decade later,
the company had expanded its production facilities to include fabrication of their products
both in Brazil and Peru. Their designs reached the islands of Hawaii with a daughter
company established therein in 2002, which through its unique designs
captivated women of all ages and backgrounds.

The employment of hundreds of artisans and tailors
to create and produce elaborate hand-made earrings, clothing and bikinis
paid off, as the company enjoyed great success in its introductory years of business.
By 2005, the company was in a position to expand its operations and it did so
by opening two retail stores, located in the University area
and surrounding Kaimuki area of Oahu.

Counting with a competent team of designers and producers
located in Lima, Peru, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, the stores have been enjoying
phenomenal popularity with students, locals, and tourists alike. It is San Lorenzo's main
advantage to offer bikinis straight from the factory. Enjoy a superior range of choices
such as to mix & match, buy separates, custom order and, the best of all,
discover the fusion of quality and great prices.

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1 - 2 of 2 items