Ale by Alessandra

ále by Alessandra

Inspired by international fashion icon Alessandra Ambrosio, ále by Alessandra
brings a “Brazil-Bohemia Meets Malibu-Chic”, feminine, colorful and effortless
lifestyle brand to savvy, fashion-minded women around the world.

Alessandra Ambrosio

A globally recognized supermodel and fashion icon with over 15 years experience in the style industry, she has been represented on countless magazine
covers, editorial pages and fashion campaigns. alessandra is an international superstar who is also known for her brazilian heritage, multi-cultural 
appeal and unique personal style.

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1 - 21 of 21 items

Agua Bendita is a youthful, happy brand that has exclusive and flashy products that impose a tendency because it is based on playful, maximalist and progressive concepts that are established to be embodied in each one of the collections. Agua Bendita is a mix of technology, handcrafts and colors that are always joyful and alive… the brand has the look of a woman that wants to be admired, who wants to seek attention to herself and be noticed. This has allowed many women to identify themselves with the brand and they look for it, anywhere around the world.

To the date, Agua Bendita has launched 6 collections where it has shown the concept “Bendita´s Girl”, a concept with which all women are “benditas” (blessed), beautiful, eye-catching, and famous. This concept wants to be expanded around the world. That is why it has been represented by national and international models such as María Fernanda Yepes (Colombia) in 2007 and 2008, Ana Sofía Henao (Colombia) 2009, Katja Shchekina (Russia) and Candice Swanepoel (South Africa) in 2010 and Bar Refaeli (Israel) in 2011, Rianne Ten Haken (2012) and Ber Refaeli once more in (2012) for our “ONE WORLD” Collection, Irina Shaykh (Russia) and Izabel Goulart (Brazil) for our 2013LOVELY HEROES collection.