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 Physician Endorsed

Welcome to a world where Sun Protection and Style are synonymous. Physician Endorsed, the first fashion-forward line of hats tested and rated for maximum sun protection is pleased to present our latest Collections. As the leading supplier of chic, sun protective accessories to luxury resorts and retailers across the nation, our Sun Protection Accessories, offers our trademark, guaranteed chemical free sun protection of UPF 50+, the maximum rating for textiles.

Our styles are straight off the spring catwalks, Physician Endorsed makes sun protection a snap for fashionistas seeking the season’s must-have headwear looks. “We’ll cover you in style from the neck up, says designer Elissa Margulies. The rest is up to you. All hats are crushable, lightweight, with adjustable headsizes, so you customize the fit. And yes, these hats are designed to travel, so, there’s no excuse for not protecting yourself, even on the go. For instant It-girl status, check out our range of brim sizes from medium size brims, to the oversized brim, perfect for turning heads at the beach or the finest restaurants.

Founded in 2002 by designing dynamo Elissa Margulies and husband, Michael Ross, Physician Endorsed provides a chic, modern option to UV protection. All Physician Endorsed hats are independently tested to guarantee sun protection of UPF 50+ (equal to SPF 30). The innovative, chemical-free hats are specially constructed with tightly woven, natural fabrics, including 100% cotton and linen, designed to prevent cancer, wrinkles, and signs of aging due to sun exposure. As one of my clients says, “while they can sound like orthopedic shoes, women flock to the hats and shades like Jimmy Choos,” says designer Elissa Margulies.

Having received the National Health and Wellness Club Seal of Approval, Physician Endorsed is carried in Spas, Resorts and fine retailers worldwide. Fabulous and functional, Physician Endorsed hats are a favorite of celebrities, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Katie Holmes, Heather Locklear, Paris Hilton,Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and supermodel Veronica Webb have all been photographed wearing Physician Endorsed hats.

Elissa Margulies, Designer

Designer Elissa Margulies knows hats – in fact, she’s famous for them. In the early 1980’s, she and husband Michael Ross founded Forget Me Not, a hat manufacturing company that tapped into the Junior’s market with a force. Picked up by major retailers like Contempo Casuals, Margulies’ creations were discovered by stylists, and before she knew it, Forget Me Not hats became the trademark of the hit television show Blossom. Forget Me Not was all the rage, sold in national catalogs and department stores, such as Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales.
Margulies and Ross sold the company in 1998, and discovered Boulder, Colorado, on a cross-country trip. After only three days, the couple bought a house and decided to set down roots. Margulies loved hiking in the mountains but soon found the combination of sun and high altitude gave her fair complexion rosacea. She began to search for a hat that offered maximum protection and a sense of style – and came up empty handed. “The hats I found with the best coverage were just plain ugly. When I’m outdoors, whether on a hike, shopping, or walking my dog, I want to look fabulous,” says Margulies.

After researching the sun protection industry and learning which fabrics and colors function best, Margulies co-founded Physician Endorsed with husband Michael Ross in 2002. In 2005, the couple moved back to sunny Florida, bringing the corporate headquarters with them. Margulies is the creative force behind the dynamic line of hats, sunglasses and accessories designed for both style and skin care. Her hats are tested and endorsed by an independent medical advisory board, rated UPF 50+ (equivalent to SPF 30), and offer consumers a fashionable and safe way to spend time in the sun.

The EPA states that wearing a hat and sunscreen is an inexpensive and effective way to prevent damage from the sun. Margulies agrees, and believes we should all look fabulous doing it. “Why look like Elmer Fudd when you can look like Audrey Hepburn?” Margulies says. “Physician Endorsed provides consumers a fashionable, functional, sun-safe alternative.”

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