Maaji Sailing Inpulse Black Pants

Maaji Sailing Inpulse Black Pants


Features a cropped fitted legging that sits high on the waist.  Detailing cut out on the bottom of the legs.

91% Nylon, 8% Spandex, 1% Cotton

Made in Colombia


Since 2002, Maaji cover up has been dedicated to the design and production of whimsical, luxury cover up. The Colombian based company offers cover up and accessories of excellent quality, design and high technology. For Maaji, every single detail of the garment is important. Its eclectic and unconventional collections are designed for the modern, creative woman who dares to experiment with fashion. All Maaji swimsuits balance a unique mixture of colors, shapes, silhouettes and textures which defines the brand’s philosophy. The best part? Maaji cover up suits are completely reversible – so you’re getting two looks for the price of one!

  • Item #: MS1677SBX
  • Manufacturer: Maaji Swimwear

2017 Maaji Sailing Inpulse Black Pants

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